A 3 days tour in argolis, Olympia and mystical Delphi

A 3 days tour in argolis, Olympia and mystical Delphi


  • Day 1: Athens, Corinth Canal, ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Nafplion – Olympia

Your private 3 days tour starts from Athens early in the morning and drive towards the scenic coastal road of Athens to the Corinth Canal. A great structure built in 1893, cuts the narrow Isthmus of Greece and connects the Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. Time for rest and have some awsome pictures above the Canal from the bridge.

Leaving the Isthmos and driving to the ancient Corinth, where St. Paul lived for almost two years making a very important misionary work. There you will visit the archaelogical site and musreum, plus the church that has the 1st Letter to the Corithians written in four languages, Greek, Arabic, French and English.

Then, the driver will take you to the Mycenae, the golden city of king Agamemnon, the one you united all the Greek cities to fight for a common purpose against Troy. There you will visit the burial Royal tombs of the kings and queens, the cyclopian walls, the Lion Gate and the treasury of Atreas.

We will go on to Nafplion, the first modern capital of Greece from 1821 till 1834. It is a seaside town with beautiful buildings and narrow streets. Nafplion has a castle, Palamidi and a front defense port fortress, Mpourtzi. A perfect place for walking and lunch.

After your lunch, we will drive towards ancient Olympia. Leisure time and overnight there.

  • Day 2: Olympia – Rio Antirio Bridge, Galaxidi, Itea, Delphi

Ancient Olympia is the birthplacce of the ancient Olympic Games in Classical times. There you will visit both the archaeological site and the museum.

The Games were held every 4 years from the 8th century BC untill 4th century AD.

You will visit the temple of Zeus, Pelopion, the stadium, the temple of Hera, the Phillipeion, the Phidias workshop and many other structures.

You can feel the aura of the Olympic Games, fighting on the Pallestra or running around the stadium.

Time for lunch on the village and then drive to Delphi, through the largest cable bridge in Europe, Rio Antirio, Nafpaktos, Itea. Overnight and free time in Delphi.

  • Day 3: Delphi, Return to Athens

In the morning and after your breakfast, you'll visit both the archaelogical site and museum. Delphi is the fisrt touristic attraction of the antiquity, as it was busy all the year round. It was the place, that the prophesis were given to every man, every prince, general and king. It was the center of the universe, according to Zeus, king of the Gods. You will also visit the Oracle of Apollo, the Omfalos, the temple of Athena Pronaia, Kastaleia Spring and see some magnificent artifats and statues, such as Eniochos the charioteer, the twin Brothers and Sphynx of Naxos. After your lunch there with a great view of mountain Parnassus and Itea ,

it is time to return back to Athens.

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Greek Tourist  Organization License (ΜΗ.Τ.Ε.) :  0208E7000058001

 Greek Tourist  Organization
 License (ΜΗ.Τ.Ε.) :  0208E7000058001


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